Scarlett Letter
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Scarlett Letter


Great Boston Burlesque Exposition, Most Classic Performer 2007


Like most dancers in Hollywood, Scarlett Letter has been performing since childhood. However, her experiences have helped her develop a strong capacity for performing off the cuff and from the hip. During her lonely days in rural Nevada, she spent many a night performing under the glow of a black and white TV, dancing along with the best. She quickly developed an "I can do that" attitude and jumped at every performance opportunity that came her way. Upon moving to California,
she put her dreams of a chorus girl life on the backburner and earned a bachelors in Performing Arts Management. Since her graduation, it has been all systems go.

Now, she is using the skills acquired growing up Mormon to keep her trunk full of award winning costumes and ready for every situation. Scarlett has performed in a wide variety of venues including the World
Famous Derby, The Queen Mary in Long Beach, The Whiskey a Go-Go, the Gig and the Mint. She has also performed in Tucson, Vancouver,
Seattle, Las Vegas and Boston, where she was awarded the title of "Most Classic" at the Great Boston Burlesque Exposition of 2007.



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